The Lion and Mouse Story: A Tale of Friendship and Helpfulness

This is a story about a lion and a mouse who always struggle with each other due to their size differences. Through this story, we get the opportunity to understand how collaboration and trust play a crucial role when we need unity and solidarity. Let’s read the lion and mouse story and watch the video.

Watch “The Lion and Mouse Story”

Let’s move towards a sweet and interesting story where we will see the incredible friendship of a lion and a mouse. This story teaches us a lesson that we should not judge others based on their small or big size. Now, let’s watch the video of this story.

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Let’s read the story now!

The Lion and Mouse Story

Once upon a time, there was a mouse living in a jungle. One day, as he was returning to his burrow, he saw a lion resting in a cave. The mischievous mouse got an idea after seeing the lion sleeping peacefully. He sneaked into the lion’s cave and climbed onto the lion. He started jumping and pulling the lion’s mane.

The lion woke up due to the mouse’s mischief and caught the mouse in his sharp claws. When the mouse found itself caught in the lion’s claws, it realized that there was no escape from the lion’s anger, and today its death was certain.

The frightened mouse started crying and begging the lion,

“Mr. Lion, please don’t kill me. I made a mistake, let me go. If you let me go today, then in the future, whenever you need help, I will help you.”

Listening to the mouse’s words, the lion burst into laughter. The lion said,

“You are so small yourself, what help will you give me?”

Upon hearing the mouse’s plea, the lion felt pity for it and let the mouse go. The mouse thanked the lion and went away.

Then What Happens One Day

A few days later, when the lion was wandering in search of food, he suddenly got trapped in a hunter’s net. The lion tried to free himself from the net but couldn’t. After trying for a long time, the lion started roaring for help.

At that moment, the mouse was passing by from that side and heard the lion’s roars. The mouse quickly ran to the lion and was astonished to see the lion trapped in the net. Without wasting any time, the mouse started cutting the net with its sharp teeth and soon freed the lion from the entire net. The lion’s eyes filled with tears, and with moist eyes, the lion thanked the mouse. Both friends had a conversation and then went their own ways. Their friendship became very strong.

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Lesson from the Lion and Mouse Story

From this story, we learn that we should not judge someone emotionally small or big based on their physical appearance or strength. We should help others because when we help others, someday someone comes forward to help us. Friendship and cooperation are unique relationships that make our lives beautiful and complete.

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History of the Lion and Mouse Story

The Lion and Mouse story is a famous fable from the Panchatantra, an ancient Indian literature. This story is included in one of the Panchatantra’s books, and it teaches about friendship between humans by replacing animals and birds. The original composition of this story is a renowned voice of folklore and moral tales. This story has been presented among people for centuries, and its significance still holds true today.

The Lion and Mouse Story” tells the story of a mouse and a lion living in a jungle. In this story, the mouse enters the lion’s den and troubles him, while the lion initially underestimates the mouse due to its size. However, their roles are reversed when the lion gets trapped, and the mouse helps the lion escape by cutting the net with its sharp teeth.

The lion expresses gratitude to the mouse with tears in its eyes. Both friends have a deep understanding of the power of friendship and learn that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a significant impact. This timeless story continues to inspire readers of all ages, reminding us of the value of compassion and the importance of treating others with respect, regardless of their size or stature.

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Story of “The Lion and the Mouse” in Brief

Once upon a time, there was a mouse living in a jungle. One day, it entered the lion’s den and started jumping and playing on the lion’s back.

The lion caught the mouse and was thinking of killing it. The mouse begged with tears to let it go. The mouse said it had made a mistake and promised to help the lion in the future.

The lion felt pity for the mouse and set it free. Days later, when the lion got trapped in a net, the mouse came and saved it. The lion thanked the mouse for its help, and they became friends.

This story teaches us that instead of judging others based on their size, we should help each other in times of need.

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At the end of this story, we see that the lion and the mouse understood their misconception and learned to help each other. They understood the importance of sharing and trust, and by joining forces, they successfully solved their problems. This story teaches us that by helping others, we can achieve completeness and empower everyone through unity.

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