The Thirsty Crow Story With Moral For Kids

What’s better than stories to inculcate moral values in children happily? Stories, at bedtime or during the day, are a great way of bonding with children and teaching them lessons. Fables like The Thirsty Crow Story in English are short and easy to understand for children that send profound lessons.

But how does the bonding happen? Well, when we recite stories to children in a way they understand (we mean by making faces and cute sounds), they start developing the habit of listening to their parents, which in later years, helps a lot.

Watch The Thirsty Crow Story

Introduce your children to the timeless Thirsty Crow story! Watch the delightful YouTube video adaptation that teaches valuable lessons of patience and resourcefulness. Watch “The Thirsty Crow” story:

Hope you enjoyed the video. Now is the time to read this amazing story.

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The Thirsty Crow Story for Kids

It was a sweltering day with the sun overhead when birds and animals could find very little to drink to quench their thirst. Among them was a thirsty crow who searched for water all over the fields. He looked everywhere, but there was not a drop to drink.

He felt weak and sad and thought to himself,

“Caw, caw, caw. I have been searching for water since the morning, but there is not a drop in sight! The thirst is making me dizzy.”

Discovery and Dilemma

Just as the crow was glooming, he suddenly saw a water pitcher.

“Thank goodness! I hope there is some water in that little pitcher.”

He flew straight down to that pitcher to see if water was left in it. And to his surprise, there was some water in the pitcher.

The Clever Solution

As the crow pushed his head into the pitcher, it could not go deeper.

“Oh no. I could not get to the water.”

The pitcher was high with a narrow neck, and the water level was too low. He tried pushing the pitcher to a side for the water to flow out.

“If I tilt this pitcher, maybe the water would come out, and I will easily drink it.”

But the pitcher was very heavy to tilt.

The crow did not lose hope. He looked around and started thinking of a way to get water out of the pitcher. Then, an idea struck him! He saw some pebbles on the ground. The crow started collecting pebbles one by one and dropped them into the pitcher.

As more and more pebbles went into the pitcher, the water rose up. Soon enough, the water came to a level through which the crow could drink water. He drank the water happily and thanked mother nature.

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The Moral of The Thirsty Crow Story

By reading this short story, the moral we learn is that by thinking and working hard, we may find the solution to any difficult problem. If we have willingness and determination, anything can be achieved. The crow used his patience and intelligence to put stones into the pitcher so water could get out. He did not lose hope, and with persistence (dropping pebbles one by one), he drank water and saved his life.

Teaching Children the Importance of Patience and Resourcefulness

We must teach children that in any adverse situation, the most important thing is to keep patience, observe the situation, and then find a solution with the available resources. The Thirsty Crow story exemplifies the power of patience, creative thinking, and perseverance.

Applying the Moral in Real Life

The story of the Thirsty Crow sets a perfect example of smart work and determination. The crow in the story did not give up despite feeling weak and thirsty. He made the outcomes favorable for him by using the little pebbles. Just like the crow, children can make their lives successful by seizing opportunities and being grateful for them.

The story also encourages children to explore and experiment. Parents can inspire their little ones to conduct a similar experiment with pebbles in a small water tub. By observing how the water level changes when pebbles are added, children can experience the crow’s clever solution firsthand.

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The Thirsty Crow Story – The Origin and History

The Thirsty Crow is a popular fable which dates back to the Middle Ages in A.E. Wright’s writings – Hie lert uns der meister: Latin Commentary and the Germany Fable. It has been translated into different languages over the years, including Greeks and Romans, to spread a proverbial moral of this story.

The Thirsty Crow Story – Type & Characters

The thirsty crow story is an educational story that leaves a strong message for kids. It is one of the best bedtime stories for children worldwide because of its simplicity and morals.

The story revolves around only one main character – the crow. Crows are generally one of the most intelligent species on this planet, and several scientific pieces of research have revealed that crows are as clever as seven-year-old children. In this story, the crow uses patience and wit to escape the difficult situation.

Final Thought

The Thirsty Crow story is a timeless tale that imparts valuable lessons to children. It teaches them the importance of patience, determination, and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges. By applying the moral of the story in their lives, children can learn to think critically, persevere in the face of difficulties, and find innovative solutions.

So, the next time you gather around to share a story with your little ones, don’t forget to include the Thirsty Crow story. It will not only entertain them but also leave a lasting impression and inspire them to approach life’s challenges with resilience and creativity.

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